Almost ready for Christmas 2010

23 11 2010

Long Harbour has become home to a future nickel processing plant, and is turning into a bustling metropolis.

My dormer window, which once provided background music composed of the tide running on the beach below and the wind in the trees, now provides the steady beep beep beep of heavy equipment rolling over the hills.

The cave for my hermit’s soul has become a gold fish bowl.

My realtor has found a buyer for my house, and the escrow is scheduled to close on 5 January 2011.

I’m hoping to settle about two to three thousand kilometres west of here, within a couple of hours of the border with the United States. Of course, I’m also hoping to have lots of company when I get there, as I’m guessing I’ll be living just past the halfway point between Ontario and the ferry to Newfoundland,,,,,, a good spot to stop eh?

That area will eliminate the need for an extra four days traveling over and back from the island, a particularly difficult problem for my American friends and family.

All will be welcome. As they say here on the island, “Come and set a spell.”




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