Donna visits the island.

19 08 2010

This has been a wonderful vacation. Donna and I went out to Gander to see their concert, with Rita and her sisters and their husbands.

The Masterless Men and Shanneyganock were featured performers.

We stopped and visited with Belle Jane and Diane before coming back.

We went to the Regatta on Wednesday, drove over to the Falls, and the Nature Park one day, and then spent the weekend in Bannerman Park at the Folk Festival. It was awesome. Great music, good food, and lots of chocolate from the Newfoundland Chocolate Company.

It was worth the drive to town just to see Brent’s face when we told him he was related to Ann,,,,,, ah the horror of it all.

We went on a whale-watching tour, and saw lots of birds, and more fog than we needed, but alas no whales.

We went over to Bunyan’s Cove to visit Barbara and her grandsons, and went off to see the Trinity Festival.

It was a great vacation summer, the best since I retired,,,,,,




One response

16 12 2011
Donna Thomas

You were a great tour guide. I had a wonderful time. Thank you for showing me the best of Newfoundland.

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