I’ve had this new house for a year, and done a lot to make it bearable, but there’s a lot still to do. It’s a good thing I’m stubborn. I posted a few before pictures under, “Barnesville.”

10 10 2014

Henderson Falls

22 09 2012

Depending on rainfall, this is spectacular,,, or not.  ^_^

Sussex Balloon Fair and The Albert County Fair

22 09 2012

I went to a couple of fairs this year,,,, they were wonderful, but it was cloudy and overcast at Sussex, so few of my pictures of that were any good at all.

Labour Day Weekend

22 09 2012

Wendy and I went over to Hopewell Rocks, and then we joined Ngaire, Peter and Michael and went to Nova Scotia to see the Mastodon Park, a point halfway between the north pole and the equator.

Summer 2012

22 09 2012

I got more projects completed this summer than I have any year since I retired, and I had lots of company, so it’s been a great year.

Wendy was here for a couple of weeks, and helped get the first coat of paint on my dingy beige house,,,,,, it’s now sparkling white.

My friend Kathy’s husband Rick not only lent me their ladder, he bopped on up the thing and painted all the roof peaks, a chore I really was not looking forward to doing.

July 2012 Alana and her family finally visit Canada.

4 08 2012

Alana, Jesse, CJ and Dee camped along the  way, stopped at Niagara Falls, and some of the Church’s historical sites along the way.

Then Jesse and CJ went to Boy Scout camp in Maine for a week, and finally  spent a few days in Kars before heading back to visit with Wendy, and then on to DC.

Alana and Dee spent the week Jesse and CJ were in camp, here in Kars, and Wendy came up for a couple of days somewhere in there.

It was a great holiday.

Still working on the deck.

12 03 2012